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CMI Devamatha Province, Thrissur

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History of Kenyan Mission

The CMI congregation started missionary work in Kenya in 1981 at Machakos Diocese. Fr. Edward Padikkala reached in Kenya and stayed in Machakos Cathedral Chruch and helped the parish priest. Then he is transfereed to Kaaba High School. He taught there for 11 years. In 1983 Fr. Jose Kallely came to Kenya and stayed in Mubiuni parish as an assistant parish priest. He became the parish priest of Mubiuni when the parish priest left for his country. Members of CMI Devamatha Province served in Machakos Diocese in 4 parishes, namely, Mubiuni, Ngunga, Mitaboni and Kola. CMI Devamatha Province has created five churches and a polytechnic for girls.

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Memebers Working at Kenyan Mission

Kenyan Mission has at present following members working in different districts:

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Paul Fr. Paul Thazath
Mobile: + 254 714096694
Jose Fr. Jose Kallely
Mobile: +254(0)734813163
Joseph Joy Fr. Joseph Joy Kalaparambath
Mobile: + 254 734706331
John Fr. John Karukuttikaran       
Jacob Fr. Jacob Achandy
Mobile: + 254 734768174
Paul Fr. Paul Muringathery
Mobile: + 254 737794127
Anto Fr. Anto Thekkudan
Mobile: + 254 736413393
Paulose Fr. Paulose Pazhunkaran
Mobile: +254 737114760
George Fr. George Kallookaran
Mobile: + 254 0713068267
Johny Fr. Johny Thachuparambil
Mobile: + 254 731199886
Jijo Fr. Jijo Theethai
Mobile: + 254 733777944
Biju Fr. Biju Chathely
Mobile: +254(0)735468119
Shaju Fr. Shaju Chiramel
Mobile: + 254 733777944
Ginto Fr. Ginto Chirayath
Mobile: + 254 736680850
Ajith Fr. Ajith Pullokkaran
Mobile: +254787591845
Vipin Fr. Vipin Vanchipura       
Christopher Fr. Christopher Makau
Mobile: + 254 725893412
Peter Fr. Peter Muinda
Mobile: + 254 727768916
Julius Fr. Julius Kamuti Mutune
Mobile: + 255 756347726
Godfrey Fr. Godfrey Mwenda
Mobile: + 254 712323340
Lawrence Fr. Lawrence Kinyua
Mobile: +254 712636848
Jinto Sch. Jinto Kuttukaran       
Raphael Fr. Raphael Musyimi Maei
Mobile: + 254 726256297
Danu Sch. Danu Porothor       
Linto Sch. Linto Madambi       
James Omondi Sch. James Omondi Ogwel       
Alexander Muli Sch. Alexander Muli Mutua       

Kenyan Mission, run following institutions in the mission teritory

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Carmel Church, Donyo-Sabuk
Chavara CMI Primary School, Kibiko
CMI Christ Boarding Primary School, Makutano
Emmaus Retreat Centre, Makutano
Little Flower Primary School, Karaba
Mount Sinai CMI School, Nairobi
St. Theresa?s Catholic Church, Karaba
St. Veronica Parish, Nairobi